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Frequently asked questions

When will my vehicle be collected?

Your vehicle will be collected generally within 48 hours of contact from the winning collector. We will make sure that the process is seamless and straightforward without any hiccups.

Do you charge fees?

In a word; No. There are no fees charged by CompareMyScrapCar or any of our nationwide collectors. The service is completely free and so is collection of your vehicle.

How will I be paid for my vehicle?

Most collectors will pay for your vehicle via instant bank transfer, there maybe times where you will be paid via business cheque.

Are your prices guaranteed?

Yes. As long the vehicle is as described then the full price offered by your winning collector, then you will receive 100% of the price offered.

Can I get paid cash for my scrap vehicle?

It is illegal to purchase ‘End of Life’ or ‘Scrap’ vehicles via cash payment. However, if your vehicle is not a scrap vehicle then there may be times when the winning collector can pay cash.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, absolutely not. There is nothing for you to pay. We don’t charge any admin fees, and collection is completely free of charge.

Do I have to drop my vehicle off anywhere?

Our UK wide network collects your vehicle free of charge, therefore it is not necessary for you to drop your vehicle off. Although some collectors do sometimes offer a little more for your vehicle if it was delivered to their address.

Why do you need my postcode for the initial comparison?

We use your post code to determine which collectors to get prices from, to make sure we are getting you the best possible price for your vehicle in your area.

Is CompareMyScrapCar fully GDPR compliant?

Yes, we fully comply with all GDPR regulations.

Do you sell spare parts?

Unfortunately, at this time CompareMyScrapCar don’t sell any spare parts. We are simply a comparison website with access to a large network of vehicle collectors across the UK, therefore don’t handle any cars or parts ourselves.

Do you collect vehicles with no wheels?

All of our collectors will only collect vehicles with wheels, and that roll. Therefore, if a vehicle doesn’t have wheels you would need a specialist collector with a HiaB to collect your vehicle.

What do I do with the V5C (log book)?

It is your responsibility to make the DVLA aware that you have sold or scrapped your vehicle, and you will need to fill in the V5C (log book) stating this and send off to the DVLA. Your collector will help you with this necessary paperwork if you are not sure what to do.

Do you need photos of my vehicle?

In some cases, i.e; for crash damaged vehicles, you will need to provide pictures of your vehicle. Our specialist staff will make you aware if pictures are required to get a guaranteed quote on your vehicle.