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Our Mission

Here at CompareMyScrapCar our mission is to connect the general public of the UK with legitimate scrap and salvage vehicle buyers.

When it comes to disposing of an old or damaged car, it’s hard to know where to turn and, more importantly who to trust. Here at CompareMyScrapCar we have a combined 15 years + of experience in scrapping and salvaging vehicles, which has helped us gain access to a huge number of collectors across the UK, giving you, the ‘seller’, access to a vast network of scrap and salvage car and van buyers, ensuring you the very best price and service when having your vehicle taken away.

There are 3 clear mission statements that we adhere to at all times: –


  1. Offer a World Class Customer Service.

We feel that the scrap industry has a stigma against it, which can be daunting at times for first time scrappers. We have a team of excellent scrap and salvage specialists who will hold your hand and talk you through the whole process from start to finish. Thus, making the whole process an extremely simple and pleasurable experience.


  1. Offer the Best Possible Price Available for your Vehicle.

The fact that we are one of the only comparison websites in the scrap and salvage vehicle market, means that we save you the time ringing around multiple collectors to try and get the best possible price for your vehicle. We take all of that hassle away from you, by simply comparing the prices available for your unwanted vehicle across our network of collectors.


  1. Fast Collection.

We endeavour to have your vehicle collected as quickly possible. From the point of you enquiring on our website, to then agreeing a price offered for your vehicle with one of our specialists, all the way to the collection of your vehicle by the winning collector. We make this process extremely smooth and fast. Making this an extremely fast process for all of our customers. Furthermore, and most importantly, we make sure that payment for your vehicle is as prompt as collection, putting your mind at ease when dealing with CompareMyScrapCar.

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